Experience, precision, details care, innovation: keywords for excellence, and main cornerstones of AZA INT.

Headquartered in NYC AZA INT has its main production facilities located in Italy between Padova and Piacenza.


AZA INT  is a company specialized in aluminum and glass façade, building envelopes and curtain walls with more than 100 years experience in ‘Building New Solutions’, the development and implementation of individual, high-quality project solutions. With a workforce in excess of 250 worldwide, more than 500,00 SqFt of production area AZA INT manages production plants and subsidiary companies.

AZA INT aspiration has been to offer clients the seamless construction of a building envelope.  Today, ‘Concepts – Products – Service’ makes up the most comprehensive range on the market to meet all possible project requirements

AZA INT’s Head Office in Noventa Padovana

AZA INT’s Head Office in Fiorenzuola D’Arda

AZA INT’s Head Office in Cittadella


AZA INT undertake major projects worldwide in all areas of building facades. From pre-planning through to project completion AZA INT is your partner of choice in the USA.

The Company’s extensive manufacturing capability enables quality to be strictly maintained whilst allowing maximum flexibility to meet individual project requirements. Environmental considerations are fundamental to all AZA INT’s business principles. Through partnerships with clients AZA INT turns concepts into reality. The total surface of AZA INT plants is 500.000 sqf and the total numbers of employees amounts to 250 units.

“Technology as a means of innovating design and the vocabulary of architecture”, this is the assumption underpinning AZA INT´s business philosophy, a firm specializing in the design and construction of glass and steel architectural envelopes for the USA market.

With over one hundred years’ experience, a staff of 250 workers in Europe including lots of engineers and architects, and a technical department furnished with cutting-edge computer systems, the company is one of the most highly esteemed by renowned architects due to its ability to combine first- class architectural design with cutting-edge technical details. AZA INT´s philosophy is “Quality over Quantity” – to benefit the Architectural design and technical integrity and excellence, a trademark that is recognized by our clients and has placed us in the forefront in this field at a leading international level.

Our goal is to offer our technical excellence which derives from over one hundred years’ experience and to provide our skills in all procedural steps, from analysis to design, from construction to installation, thanks to our highly qualified engineers and architects, able to shape and customize any project with extreme specialist and methodological care. All steps, from the creative to the operational one, are treated with extreme professionalism and care, thanks to solid experience and highly qualified skills, ensuring excellent quality standards. The final outcome is a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, architecture and engineering, science and design.

We provide you with our professional and technical consulting service, with our expertise and experience, to collaborate closely with the architects in the preliminary design phase.  This initial interface will result in superior projects with cost effective solutions using innovative and creative designs. Distinguish your project with customized structures and building shells: AZA INT will be able to transforms your ideas into reality. With the support of a deep understanding of many materials, AZA INT minimizes the supporting structure, to give the maximum expression of transparency and lightness.

We can provide various building facade systems including, stick built curtain walls, pre-glazed unitized curtain walls, structural glass facades and custom metal and glass facade systems. In a market in continuous improvement, AZA INT will be a new protagonist thanks to the perfect balance between architecture and engineering, to give you design and functionality.

Building envelopes, glass & metal constructions


AZA INT Corporation
184 east 7th street
New York, NY 10009


t. +1 212.228.8972
f. +1 212.228.5702


AZA INT Corporation
27-01 Queens Plaza N
Long Island City, NY 11101


t. +1 212.228.8972
f. +1 212.228.5702

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