The tendency to continuous improvement in all procedural steps, from analysis to design, from construction to installation, allows AZA INT to certify as protagonist of the market. Who relies on exclusive professionality and expertise of AZA INT can count on a company able to satisfy even complex and unusual needs. The company provides its rich and rigorous know how in various fields of construction, from Directional to Commercial, from industrial to residential.

We believe that there are some key elements to create great structure and realize the best possible solution: a deep comprehension of the project, materials knowledge, a perfect sinergy between designers, producers and installers.

The first step is communication, the foundation for a successful project. We listen to you and frequently check in to make sure your expectations are always being met. The process of creating a building is both art and science; it requires a brilliant partnership between you, the contractor and us. Clear, honest and frequent communication is the key to a successful project. The purpose of good communication is to help us deeply comprehend your project and meet your goals.

The research of new materials and innovative solutions, to create new framework, to support structure giving the transparency and the lightness to the building, is our goal.

The perfect coordination between designers, that care all the single parts drawing, production, that puts the experience of years to create every single piece with the care of fine tailoring, and assembly that makes all the parts perfectly fitting together, makes your idea became a solid reality.

AZA INT in order to define a clear and transparent set of values to which the Company is inspired to achieve their objectives, has prepared a Code of Ethics, compliance with which is essential for proper functioning, reliability, reputation and image of the Company; compliance with the Code of Ethics is also considered critical to the success and the current and future development of the Company. Recipients of the Code of Ethics are all company representatives, without exception, and all those who, directly or indirectly, permanently or temporarily, establish relations with AZA INT and work toward the goals.

Our Key principles are:


– Our employees provide the foundation for our company.
– The superior is role model.
– Small enterprises within the enterprise give the employee opportunity for success.
– Training, continuing education and support of our employees develop leadership staff from within.
– New products and ideas increase our market leadership.
– Partners companies are a prerequisite for a successful project completion.
– Globalization is not a choice but an obligation.
– Profits and healthy growth are the prerequisite for safe jobs.
– Sustainable behavior shows our sense of responsibility for future generations.


The activities of AZA INT must, therefore, comply with the principles expressed in this Code of Ethics. AZA INT recognizes the importance of ethical and social responsibility in business management and business activities, internal and external, and is committed to respecting the legitimate interests of its stakeholders and the collectivity in which it operates.

Sharing and compliance with the values and ethical principles translates, in concrete terms, in strong aggregate internal and external “transparent” relations, establishing of long-lasting relationships with its customers.


We, the employees of the AZA INT, listen to our partners in the market. We know that building requires ever new aesthetic, economical and ecological solutions at a high technical level. Continuously improved products, systems and services have to be suitable for people and the environment.

We have accepted these challenges. Complete dedication, flexibility and orientation to the customer are our top priority. Whether it involves pioneering ideas from the building envelope, we stand for agility in thinking and acting.


Our Company Policy

Sustainability is born from the responsibility for future generations.

Being a family-owned business since the year one, AZA INT inherited the natural responsibility to think ahead and act for the future.

AZA INT employees are always searching for ways to integrate sustainability in his or her daily work. This principle guides the creation of concepts, the provision of products and services and all everyday actions within the company.


Building envelopes, glass & metal constructions


AZA INT Corporation
184 east 7th street
New York, NY 10009


t. +1 212.228.8972
f. +1 212.228.5702


AZA INT Corporation
27-01 Queens Plaza N
Long Island City, NY 11101


t. +1 212.228.8972
f. +1 212.228.5702

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