COLUMBIA BUSINESS SCHOOL: Keep moving forward with the Performace Mock-Up testing!

12/12/2018 Validating Design criteria, workmanship and material solution: wind, water, air, structural and acoustic…
Solutions proposed to the team by AZA INT meets the design needs and stringent performance criteria required for this project. Excellent acoustics to cut down on traffic/road noise, with the project site being located so close to the Henry Hudson Parkway.
That said, the high degree of transparency is certainly the blueprint of Columbia’s project and main goal.
There are three different 4-sided structurally-glazed curtain wall types being used on the buildings:  a stick built aluminum mullion system, a  unitized aluminum curtain wall system , and a unitized system fastened onto laminated glass/steel vertical mullions. Overall, the total project requires almost 162,000 sqft of curtain wall.

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