The new Lavazza executive center will be built in Borgata Aurora in the center of Turin, with a surface of 30.000 mq, will house the new corporate headquarter, an spaces dedicate to public and private services.

This new construction responds to the objective of concentrating in one location more than 500 people, that are now distributed in different offices.

Designed by the Cino Zucchi Architects, is shaped like a large cloud connected with the surrounding historic buildings, giving to the district a refurbished square and a new pedestrian space. The “Nuvola” (cloud) is a now under LEED certification process, the most prestigious international award for buildings designed and built according to the most demanding environmental sustainability criteria.

The façade system used is a unitized façade made of three different kind of material, glass, painted glass (spandrel) and metal (metal cladding).

Client: Colombo Costruzioni



Turin – ITALY

Scope of Work:
Unitized facades, Windows and Doors, Metal Cladding
108.000 Sq. Feet – (10.033 Mq.)

Cino Zucchi


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