The Cornell University Campus will rise in New York City’s Roosevelt Island, that’s unlike any ever created in higher education and its vision will be of a massive tech campus.

When the campus opens in 2017, it will provide a permanent home for an entirely new school called Cornell Tech that city official’s hope will position New York as a major tech center. Cornell beat out top-notch schools like Columbia, Carnegie Mellon, and Stanford to create the new graduate school, which will be focused on classes in computer science, business, and entrepreneurism.

Cornell Tech is designed to embody the core of Cornell University Campus’s vision creatinga space to explore the potential of technology. Cornell Tech’s current campus — and its future Roosevelt Island home — draws energy, inspiration, talent, funding, partnerships and more from New York City. Moreover, in turn, Cornell Tech is supplying technology leaders and ideas to the city and the world beyond.

Cornell Tech will offer:

  • 2 million square feet
  • 5 acres of new green spaces
  • Housing for 2,000 students
  • Housing for 280 faculties
  • 20,000 construction jobs
  • 8,000 permanent jobs

The following buildings, characterized by different envelopes, steel and glass materials, curtain wall facades and windows systems, will be part of the Cornell Tech Campus:

  • First Academic Building
  • Campus Plaza
  • Corporate Co-Location Building
  • Residential Building
  • Campus Master Plan

The buildings themselves, will be pretty high-tech, too. The architects hope to achieve net-zero energy in the academic building by installing solar panels on its roof. They also plan to install a system of 400 geothermal wells that will heat and cool the campus.

In addition to campus buildings, the project calls for the construction of new roads and 2.5 acres of open space.

AZA INT was awarded to supply all the window openings for the residential building, which was designed by HANDEL ARCHITECTS with Gary E. Handel President and Blake Middleton Partner. The installation of the materials will be in charge of Walsh Glass & Metal Company which represents also AZA INT’s Client.

The residential building, with its 23 stories,will represent the first passive house on class A in USA and it will include some 350 housing units for students, staff and faculty, with a mix of micro units, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom suites. Planned amenities include a gym, bike room, lounge, roof deck, multipurpose building, collaboration space and media rooms for residents. It is being developed in partnership with Hudson and Related companies.

AZA INT will provide a total number of 900 opening windows (about 26900 Sqft) produced using the AWS75 system from Schuco. All the opening windows will be completely with glasses and relative fittings and delivered by the middle of October 2016.

Cornell Tech will bring a sharp increase in science and engineering teaching, attract students from around the world, and spin off new local companies and thousands of new jobs. Roosevelt Island, a narrow strip of land between Manhattan and Queens, is an interesting choice for a tech hub. The campus won’t be completed until 2017, and when finished it will be characterized by the two-million-square-foot complex will house approximately 2,000 full-time graduate students

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