AZA INT is specialized in complete facade packages. As such, we develop and realize unique facade geometries and building envelopes in glass, metal, wood and other materials for blue-chip customers to designs by daring architects, clients and investors. Excellence has been our business for almost 100 years.

We provide consultancy services, façade expertise and solution development for exclusive clients. Whether it’s an office, a company HQ, a hotel or a private villa, we create valuable investments — worldwide and on-time — thanks to our project management, 3D coordination, freeform methodology (with 3D fine-tuning) and installation logistics expertise. We discuss exciting technical ideas with you to find the best creative solution. We will provide consultation, initial ideas, an offer, expert engineering services and top-quality realization of facades and building envelopes to satisfy the most demanding, discriminating customer.

It is the first thing that you look at when you see a building: the exterior envelope. Fundamental to keep water out, to allow thermal control inside, must be create with details care, materials knowledge, precision, to give the best architectural and aesthetic solution without forget safety, durability and energy saving. AZA INT guaranties the perfect union of services able and durable solutions with innovative design features.



We keep our promises with high quality product, new materials and most of all attention to details.


Attention and research for the procedures linked to resources optimization, aware of the importance of environment respect for us and for our sons.


To use protection, prevention and defense proceedings for the health and our employees such as written in the new law.


The whole of the values to which AZA INT inspires its self to reach the goals, as expressed in the ethical code, indispensable element for the correct operation, reliability, reputation and image of the company.

Design Assist

The design consultation is our first step to understand what our client need to realize, trying to evaluate which could be the best solution (unitized and stick curtain walls, window walls, storefronts, ecc…) to propose, to translate the architect sketch in a technical drawing. We consider the constructability with an engineer’s team that elaborate the structural calculations and prepare a schedule with the supposed means and methods program. In this phase, starts also the study and selection of materials.

Design & Engineering

Ideal for individualists.


Challenging projects require highly aesthetic and functional solutions. Our engineers have a wealth of experience of working in worldwide. They provide on-site support from our offices in Piacenza (IT), Padova (IT) and Cittadella (IT).

The perfect combination of aesthetics, functionality and security. AZA INT develops most individual facade systems. By thoroughly testing their structural and physical properties, we make sure that exceptional design goes with:

  • – Resistance to wind and weather
  • – Thermal insulation
  • – Statics
  • – Acoustics
  • – Fire protection
  • – Surface quality

Our facades are subject to extensive testing by external institutes.

Give your imagination free into:

  • – Project-specific constructions
  • – Sophisticated design and state-of-the-art technology
  • – Cost-effective solutions
  • – Continuous product improvement

Visual Mock-up

The Visual Mock-up is the constructed representation of a portion of curtain wall (usually done without take care of the performance mock-up standards) that could be in 1:1 scale, or less, to give both to the customers and to the architects the final aesthetic sensation. During the visual mock-up we can evaluate colors and materials chosen combinations, to understand if they well fit with the drawings and rendering ideas. During this phase, it is possible to modify frame shapes, colors, glass types and all the other design variables to achieve the perfect harmony.

Performance Mock-up Testing

AZA INT is your partner of choice when it comes to customize solutions that stand out due to their contemporary, flamboyant architecture. We support you from the very outset by providing tailor-made solutions from one source and an efficient construction with significantly fewer interfaces.

Prior to production, our customised facades will be tested in certified laboratories and by external test at the strictest conditions.

AZA INT uses a sophisticated method for modular building which is especially efficient. The largely prefabricated elements significantly reduce installation time on site.

To ensure our clients the best solution also in safety, resistance and performance, before the final installation we provide our performance mock-up with based on different tests. We work for you to achieve the necessary technical performance data about:

– Air and water resistance
– Structural wind load
– Seismic requirements
– Thermal performance
– Sound transmission
– Glass, gaskets, silicone, extrusions, reaction to stress factors.

This is a fundamental step to guarantee the highest quality standards.

Performance Mock-up Installation

Our design team, in accordance with architects, engineers and customer, will select a portion of the curtain wall to be tested. This portion will be produced identically to a one real curtain wall unit, with the material, color, die shapes, etc… that have been chosen and approved. The performance mock-up test, of this base unit, will verify the respect of the performance requirements.

During the mock-up installation, we could put our attention also to the assembly method, and decide the correct schedule for the final installation, evaluating the critical situations and finding the related solutions.

The mock-up installation is also important because it makes us able to approach to packaging and shipping best solutions.


The AZA INT group main production facilities for curtain walls and special structures are located in Italy. From standard to customized solutions, all products are available for fast delivery.

We produce the components for our systems using state-of-the-art, high-precision equipment with parallel assembly lines for our most complex products.

The company’s international purchasing department works alongside local partners to offer its clients premium products and competitive prices. We turn both small and large-scale projects into iconic buildings.

Attention and experience are mixed to create the fabrication drawings; our designers team and engineers team work together to ensure that every extrusion, panel, clip, anchorage, etc, are drawn as accurately as possible.

Fabrication process is cared with the aim to guarantee the absolute precision that their experience can provide.

All the windows hardaware supplied from the main leader fabricators Wicona and Schüco.

Project Management

Excellent service

AZA INT stands for quality and on-time performance – throughout your project: quality assurance is one of the key elements of AZA INT’s products and processes. Our integrated quality management provides for regular controls and optimization processes. Careful preparation – from planning through to completion – is the key of the success of AZA INT.

Excellent assembly

We tailor logistics, quality and health and safety at work to your needs. Our large staff of qualified professionals is sure to complete your project to a high standard

AZA INT is always there for you, even after handover. Our trained staff takes on all inspections and maintenance.

The technical/infrastructural building management and commercial property management are also part of our services

All the works, from drawing to installation, have to be minutely scheduled, to ensure the respect of each single due date, considering also the unexpected. This is the hardest phase of the project management team that provides also to: designers and engineers team coordination, scheduling, purchasing department control, assembly staff supervise, ensure methods time respect.

All the project management teamwork is projected to give to the customers all the best professional services in the established time.

Quality Management

For all of us.

Our headquarters in New York, our branch offices, subsidiary companies and numerous production facilities support our aim: to provide you with systems and customized solutions within the shortest period of time.

The outstanding quality of our products and services is maintained by our Integrated Management System. All products are subject to continuous further development, incorporating our clients needs and wishes.

Common organizational structures ensure well thought-out processes. Our management system complies with the best standards, covering our provisions for health and safety at work.


When you produce customized curtain wall, you have to think how ship in safety all the singles pieces, with the security of a safe packaging. Behind every single unit, glass, frame, there is a package study, to ensure our client the delivery of all the shipment intact. In our firms all the units are assembled, and accurately ordered in the exact installation sequence, divided for a coherent shipping project. All the pieces must arrive to the site for the installation in the right sequence to ease the installation and ward off the working stop for parts lack.

The package is studied to envelope and to protect all pieces during all the shipment trip (by train, by truck or by boat). We use wooden crates and padding foam when we ship by container.


In USA the installation is provided by our partners  fully licensed, bonded and insured to give to our customers the best service. All the installation steps are supervised from AZA INT’s Project Manager to check and control the effective status of works, and the application of all the safety rules.

Vision 2020 & Waste recycling

The fewer the better: Waste minimalism.

Our Vision: Transforming the headquarters in Italy into a carbon-neutral, zero-waste production site by 2020. With the long-term objective of reducing CO2 emissions and industrial waste in our company, we defined concrete intermediate goals. But before we set about tackling them, we will have to identify the major pollutants.

That is why we introduced life cycle assessments, certified to ISO 14040/44, in all of our production sites. The first stage results of this LCA are the basis for all secondary analyses and interpretations which we will need to perform to achieve the targets we set for ourselves, namely to reduce CO2 emissions and to improve the relevant environmental performance.

The successful implementation of eco-friendly and energy-efficient processes in recent years laid the foundation for achieving our goals. Below you will find some representative measures that we have taken at our production site in Italy.

Waste recycling

We train all of our employees on how to avoid and to correctly separate waste. In doing so, Aza-Int recycles 95% of its waste, therefore generating lots of t of reusable material every year.

Building envelopes, glass & metal constructions


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